Hello again! As I promised in the second post I show you what I chosen from this amazing shop with excellent jewelry. Frist of all I would like to put the photo with my charms and this will be the introduction to the post.

What can I say about the package? Like you see this is really elegant bag where you can keep your jewelery. In the picture you can see one beautiful bracalet when you can find here BRACALET, and of course five charms which got for me memorable meaning.I describe this below.

To start with I show you two charms. First is the heart which symbolizes peace and love in the world what is for me pretty important. The second charms is a little ring with beautiful crystals and inscription CONFIDENCE what get me more perkiness. Two charms are made from famous brand SVAROWSKI,

The second photo shows next magnificent charms. The first it's a birthstone which symbolize my month of birth it's a May. The other one is a charm with chinese "fu" pocket what means success, prosperity and happiness. 

The last one charm is the most surprising! Why? Because it is a heart with your selected photo, for example with your mom, your family or your friends. Choice depend to you! Here you can see photo with my boyfriend. It's really great idea to remember about our close persons. 

For the record all of these charms  are made from famous brand SVAROWSKI.
In addition you can find charms here: CHARMS
You should think about shipping there!
You won't be disappointed!